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About Us

Our Story

​When I founded Midnight Owl Publishing in 2019, my intention wasn’t to start a business—I wanted to assist authors in achieving their dreams. As someone who has personally experienced the joy of holding my finished book after months, or even years, of dedicated work, I understand the incredible fulfillment it brings. Midnight Owl Publishing exists to empower authors, offering them the professional support and guidance they deserve to reach their goals.


We recognize the solitary nature of the writing journey and how self-doubt can transform a productive writing day into a frustrating one. Instead of sending your book out into the world blindly, hoping for the best, allow us to help you confidently share your story with readers everywhere.

At Midnight Owl Publishing, we are committed to elevating your book to new heights through meticulous editing. Our services encompass strengthening your plot, characters, and world-building, refining word choice and sentence flow, enhancing grammar, identifying inconsistencies, and addressing any lingering typos after formatting.


If you aspire to make your book the best it can be, we’re here to support you. Writing a book is no small feat, but we can help make the process a little smoother.

Our Process & Services

Transform your writing with professional, custom-tailored copy editing and proofreading.  We offer expert guidance, advice, and reassurance—so you can focus on what you do best!

We take the time to understand your work. You are writing to accomplish a specific goal or set a certain tone. Our job is to understand the context and provide you with the best possible solution that meets your needs.


This phase is to make sure your plot, characters, world building, and pacing are strong before you continue through the editing and publishing process. This works to help authors to resolve "big picture" issues in their manuscripts. 

Good developmental editing will ensure your genre expectations, and target audience are aligned so your story is told the way it should be, and your readers get the type of story they expect.

Copy & Line

This phase helps correct any grammatical and spelling errors while offering suggestions to improve the readers experience.  Focusing on your story's creative elements like writing style and language, we analyze each line closely to ensure your work is clear and up to par.


The final iterative process of transforming concept to final product. The finishing touches and final once-over your work needs before you publish.

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