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Published by Midnight Owl Publishing

Well of Vengeance

Young Adult Dark Fantasy

Author, Sydney Rain

A Secret Friendship. An Impossible Choice. Mage-in-training, Emolin, struggles with her place in the Altava hierarchy and her compassion for those living in servitude, especially the Paran slave, Hajana. If their friendship were ever discovered, it would mean death for both of them.......

Vibe Is Right, LLC, The (March 16, 2023)

Mindfulness Matters: How To Live The Joy-Filled Life You Desire & Deserve

Happiness Self-Help

Author, A. Raheim White

This book will teach you how to take command of your life so you can fully live the way you desire and deserve. For the leader, entrepreneur, artist, and educator who is losing loving relationships, experiencing stress, feeling overworked......

Independently Published

The Proto Sapien Protocol

Military Science Fiction

Author, George Carvalho

Created to be the ultimate super soldiers, four mutants and a cyborg find themselves battling......

Independently Published

The Proto Sapien Protocol II: General Brigand's Revenge

Military Science Fiction & Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

Author, George Carvalho

Having escaped to Earth from a secret military installation on another planet, four mutants and a cyborg......

Independently published (February 26, 2021)

The Prince of Teeth's Edge Mountains: A Dwarven Tale


Author, George Carvalho

An aging King. A foolish Prince. A kingdom at peace. Dwarven Prince Eric Jerntorn likes nothing more then to party and get drunk. To teach his son a lesson......

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